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"if you ain't dead ; then you ain't a suicide girl! you can tattoo that to your

back with the broken wings, then hope for the best while you jump from buildings

Lady Stoneheart.
20 June 1988
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Hip Hop is Alive. And So am I.
i'm always coming back home to you.

MARRI; female; 22; taken. dark hair and light eyes. tattooed. artistic. photo manipulator. video maker. shipper of mad lovers. animal lover. nerd. gamer. likes batman, books, tattoos, vintage, neo-trash, the joker, harley quinn, music - nirvana ; sage francis, cooking, cars, martha stewart.

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"shall-we-give-up-so-easily?", 'we.kill.the.batman'-squeeeals!, 32709=sage fucking francis, afi, bruce wayne, building playlists, cats over dogs, christian bale-from-amile-away, clown girls, cmpunk.made.wrestling.cool.again, comedy&tragedy, cowboy bebop, cusp signs, danny elfman, dragonball z, eddie guerrero, enchanted playlists, fighting spirit, finding my harley voice, forever roh, forever scsa, forget me nots, getting-tingy-for-batman-comics, girlfriends of honor, girls for pandora, gotham, harley quinn=always, harvey; harvey two face., hof09=totally my year, hurt, i'll.go.back.if.you.ask.me.too, i'm a nerd, i'm obsessed, i'm the cheapest date-ever, indy boys, inherited scars, j&hq; u.r.a. fever, jack skellington, joining ontd!, kevin smith, koko b. ware&frankie, kurt cobain, kurt halsey, ledger!joker, moonbaby smut, mother love bone, mr. save the world, mudhoney, musicians, my boyfriend is.pretty.awesome, my cat lexie, my cat sookie, my fine feathered friends, my imaginary puppy, nautical stars, neil gaiman, night elves, nirvana, nostalgia, oh.cinderella.they.aren't.sluts.like.you, old school roh, outshined, photo-manips, quotes, reliving older ideas, sad moments, sailor moon, samoa joe, sari galin, seattle, second city saints, shut.up.i'm.fangirling., skeleton jack, slow down ghandi, smashing pumpkins, sparrow tattoos, stand and deliver, strange famous records, sun vs. moon, sxe-caffeine is okay!, the gold bond mafia, the long.island girl accent, this too shall pass, thriller! in all forms, tori amos, tupac shakur, water for elephants, what dreams may come, when the music speaks, wow lore